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Protect Your Plants with Cold Frames

The ultimate early and late season extender. Double-sized cold frame protects dozens of plants, cuttings and seedlings.

Protect Your Plants with Cold Frames

Composting: Protect Your Plants with Cold Frames

    Compost Bins & Compost Tumblers | Gardening | Saving Water

    It is our sincere goal to offer you the most comprehensive selection of composting devices and tools in the marketplace.
    We include a wide array of ecologically focused yard and garden items that can improve your overall gardening experience.
    This sub-category includes all water saving devices and technologies for home, office and garden use.
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    CompostMania in the news...
    CompostMania in the news...
    Dallas-based Compostmania is quickly becoming a national source, maybe international, for state-of-the-art composting know-how and technology. Where else could you find more than 15 types of composting bins?
    - Dallas Observer
    • Compost Bins are fast becoming the answer to amazing tasting, organic vegetables right out of your own backyard garden. No chemical fertilizer needed!
    • You can even use your backyard compost as mulch for strong, healthy shrubs and trees. The same mulch makes simple flower gardens flash their vibrant colors all season long.
    • Ever thought to give your houseplants an added boost of nutrients with organic compost right out of your own kitchen?
    • And what about your lawn? A liberal dose of compost is guaranteed to stimulate thicker growth and greener grass with less watering and no chemicals.