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BioPod Plus Auto-Harvesting Grub Composter
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  • Compost Bins are fast becoming the answer to amazing tasting, organic vegetables right out of your own backyard garden. No chemical fertilizer needed!
  • You can even use your backyard compost as mulch for strong, healthy shrubs and trees. The same mulch makes simple flower gardens flash their vibrant colors all season long.
  • Ever thought to give your houseplants an added boost of nutrients with organic compost right out of your own kitchen?
  • And what about your lawn? A liberal dose of compost is guaranteed to stimulate thicker growth and greener grass with less watering and no chemicals.
BioPod Plus Grub Composter uses Black Soldier Fly
BioPod Plus Auto-Harvesting Grub Composter
Allows mature pupae (grubs) to self-separate and auto-harvest into handled collection bucket.  Food scraps remain inside pod.
3 – 39$165.00
40 +$145.00

Natural Cedar Louvered Wooden Refuse Bin
Natural Cedar Louvered Compost Bin
Traditional wooden cedar compost bin with removable slats on one side. 22.5 cubic foot capacity
4 +$90.00

Polycarbonate Double Cold Frame
Austrian made polycarbonate Cold Frame with double bays and two independent top windows with adjustable brackets. Ground stakes included.
2 +$130.00

Mason Bee Nests - 68 Tube Shelters, Case / 12
Our early fruit and berry crops will dwindle in production if fewer beneficial insects are available locally to pollinate their blossoms. By providing an enticing, weather-resistant shelter for orchard mason bees, you can attract this native species to your garden and magnify the population in your local vicinity – ensuring pollination of your edibles.
Price: $154.20
Lambert All-In-One Garden Row Seeder
The Lambert All-In-One Garden Row Seeder can simultaneously plant, fertilize and mark the row in a single pass. It is the only seeder that can also fertilize. Comes standard with 6 seed plates.
Price: $109.00
Ecotonix Food Scrap Shredder: The Green Cycler
The Green Cycler is a kitchen appliance that easily shredder food scraps into the ideal size for compost and worm bins.
Price: $138.00
Jora 270 Dual Chamber Hot Compost Drum
Swedish Insulated Rotational Dual Chamber Tumbler - 70 GAL
Dual chambered, Swedish Compost Tumbler that rotates horizontally along a central axis. Insulated design help achieve higher temperatures for faster decomposition. 70 gallon capacity
Price: $419.00
Large Rooter Pots: Plant Propagation - Cs/20
One of the best and fastest ways to propagate woody trees, vines and shrubs in 8+ weeks using this advanced air-layering technology.  Size - LARGE
2 +$88.00

4ft Homestead ProtaPod™ Grub Composter
Prosumer ProtaPod Composting System - 4 foot polyethylene body 
3 – 5$280.00
6 – 9$270.00
10 +$250.00

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