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4 x 20 Foot Essentials Raised Garden Bed

4 x 20 FOOT SIZE. This highly attractive, 4 x 20 foot raised garden bed is an impressive 12” tall and is large enough to accommodate more vegetables than most standard kit planters. Bed is comprised of 5, 4x4 foot square sections, that collective provide a whopping 80 SF of growing area. Made from fade resistant, long lasting vinyl polymers that will not rot or splinter, these beds are designed for year round gardening in all climate zones. Picket-lock technology allows for fast, snap-together assembly. Made with pride in the USA and comes with an amazing limited lifetime warranty. Overall size is 4 x 20 feet, but may be expanded in 4 foot increments. Please note that images represent smaller configurations and are included to give you an idea of height and style – the actual item is 5 sections total.

RAISED BED TIPS - When installing, place hardware cloth below the bed to inhibit burrowing animals from entering and use layers of cardboard to smother grass and weeds. Use frost or poly covers to extend your harvest season.

This large, 4 x 20 foot poly-vinyl raised planter bed features 5, 4 x 4 foot sections and a 12” planting depth. Designed for attractiveness, expandability, durability and long life, the resin material will not crack, rot or discolor - even in the harshness of climates.
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