Portable Back Porch Drum Composter w/ Wheels

Portable Back Porch ComposTumbler w/ Wheels

Part of the stellar ComposTumbler® line, this is a quality-built unit that features a 26" insulated, tumbling drum that houses the active pile.  Designed to hold 37 gallons of food scraps, this portable unit can be easily wheeled around the yard and garden by a single person.  Great for retired folks who no longer possess super-human strength! Made in the USA.

Additional Recommendations: 

Since this unit is off the ground, use a compost starter or activator when setting up this unit.  Alternately, add a few handfuls of living compost from any working pile or some decomposing leaf mulch to inoculate the newly setup system with beneficial microbes.

Price: $239.00
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  • Batch-style tumbler composts food scraps faster than traditional bins
  • Two, 6” wheels allow for convenient portability around yard by a single person
  • Compact system is ideally suited for small yards or urban dwellers – one of the few units that does not have to be placed on a permeable surface
  • set of 4 internal mixing fins assist in clump breakup and help improve aeration
  • triple layered, ¾” insulated walls with inner air core enhances heat retention generated from within unit
  • Off the ground design keep area clean and critters out
  • Easy to grip, grooved drum rotates smoothly at the central axis
  • Set of dual, side ventilation ports maintain constant airflow, preventing foul odors
  • Made from lightweight materials
  • Latched, handled access door with hinge and is generously sized for quick loading and dumping
  • Perfect for people who use compost bins for display purposes or educational events


37” Tall x 31” W x 26” Deep

Drum: 26” W x 25” diameter


37 gallons / 5.8 cubic feet


34 lbs


Drum: double walled HDPE

Frame: powder coated, tubular steel


1 unit


GREEN body, BLACK frame


Assembly required


Kitchen food waste; small amounts of soft yard trimmings

Key Features

Highly mobile using the 6” wheels

Latch helps keep out critters


Made in the USA


5 year defective parts replacement

# of Parcels

1 box – 36 lbs

Shipping Method

Ground Service

Product Location


Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Time Before Shipping

1-2 days

Dimensional Weight

29 x 26 x 12" (54 lbs dimensional weight)

S&H Fees

$30 (special rate applies to lower 48 states only)