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Portable Back Porch ComposTumbler w/ Wheels

Part of the stellar ComposTumbler┬« line, this is a quality-built unit that features a 26" insulated, tumbling drum that houses the active pile.  Designed to hold 37 gallons of food scraps, this portable unit can be easily wheeled around the yard and garden by a single person.  Great for retired folks who no longer possess super-human strength! Made in the USA.

Additional Recommendations: 

Since this unit is off the ground, use a compost starter or activator when setting up this unit.  Alternately, add a few handfuls of living compost from any working pile or some decomposing leaf mulch to inoculate the newly setup system with beneficial microbes.

One of the only composters with built-in wheels, this convenient unit is great for moving around the garden as needed. This drum part of this tumbler is completely off the ground, making it very difficult for rodents or pets to enter.
Price: $239.00
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