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Cane Pole Teepee Grips: Bean & Pea Wigwams – Set of 20

It can be very frustrating to fasten poles together into a garden teepee for climbing vines and plants. Normally, it would require laborious knotting, which would constantly creep down unless special notching and nails were added to the posts. These nifty plastic disks solve the wigwam dilemma by securely gripping up to six (6) canes – without having to knot a single rope or wire! UV stabilized polymer will hold up to the harsh elements and can be reused year after year. Holes accommodate 6 bamboo poles (may use either faux or real canes) up to ¾ inches in diameter. Beware of cheap knock offs that WILL disappoint!  SET OF 20 @ $2.30 each


These amazingly durable topper grips allows for the easy creation of garden teepees for climbing plants such as runner beans, pole peas, groundnuts and maypops. Uses up to 6 faux or real bamboo cane poles for fast creation of garden wigwams and maypoles. Push posts into ground for additional support and protection from weather episodes. Set of 20
Price: $46.00
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Cane Connector Ball Corners - Set of 60
Protect your berries from birds without having to build a fortress! These durable, flexible balls make the creation of bamboo or poly cane cages fast and simple – no tool required. Simply obtain a few dozen canes of varying lengths and a set of flexi balls - you should have everything you need to construct sturdy, lightweight garden frames. Depending on your needs, you can easily build support frames for bird netting, shade tarps, or frost fleece. Easy to disassemble, these connector balls can be reused season after season, year after year. Start protecting your harvest! Set of 60
Price: $80.00
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