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Compostable Nature Waste Bags for BioToi Toilet

The BioBag Nature Waste Bags are the ideal solution for human waste collection where facilities are not available. When used in conjunction with the BioToi Collapsible Toilet (or most other portable toilets), the highest standards of hygiene, quality and eco-friendliness are achieved – without the need for harsh chemicals or heavy water packs. Black pigmented bag hides waste from visual display. Instructions printed on each bag in white. Approx. 36 cents per bag when purchased in quantity. 1 case minimum (576 bags per case). Purchase orders accepted.


The BioBags Nature Waste Bags are fully compostable liners that are heat stable to 248˚F. Used in conjunction with the sturdy, BioToi Collapsible Toilet, these waste collection bags provide the user with a convenient (and hygienic) install and removal, while holding their integrity until exposed to a composting environment. Case of 576  (Out of Stock)
1 – 3$259.00
4 +$210.00

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Portable Collapsible Dry Eco Toilet  (Out of Stock)
The portable BioToi Collapsible Toilet is ideal for any activity where facilities are not available. May be used outdoors in any season, requiring no water or chemicals for processing. Comfortable seat height – unit can support up to 275 lbs of body weight. Includes 8 starter bags per toilet. 6 units per case.
6 – 23$54.00
24 +$44.00

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