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Covered Bridge Organic Hot Composter

The Covered Bridge Organic Hot Composter is larger in capacity that industry standard units. A greater volume translates into faster composting because of the high temperatures achieved through internally generated heat.  The lid has been designed to collect a moderate amount of rainfall to keep pile contents moist but not sopping.  The lid also serves to retain heat, reduce evaporation, and keep out a significant portion of critters. Made from 100% recycled content.


This compost bin is available in bulk at substantial discounts to cities and other government agencies, including community associations and water districts.  We can ship by truck freight to anywhere in the US for $185.  Each pallet can hold 64 complete bins.

1 PALLET OF 64 BINS - $3840 + $185 Shipping

Covered Bridge Organic Hot Composter
This large volume composter has sufficient capacity to warm up with internally-generated heat for faster decomposition. Dark-colored lid with rainwater hole absorbs and retains heat while allowing sufficient moisture to enter.
3 – 63$80.00
64 +$60.00

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