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DIY Raised Garden Bed: Anchor Joints Cs/24

CASE OF 24 - Our DIY Anchor Joints possess a flexible hinge that allows creation of custom angles (in additional to the standard 90 and 180 degrees). Stake portion features angled barbs to keep it firmly in place. The brackets securely fasten to either our composite timber or locally obtain 2 x 6 wooden lumber. Designed to accommodate frost heaves and frozen ground. 10.25 in in-ground depth. Made from recycled, high impact ABS plastic. Use rubber mallets when installing stake. 2 brackets per joint. 24 anchor brackets per case - as low as $5.63 per bracket 

Anchor Joints allow our DIY raised garden beds to attach securely to the ground below as well as to two timber boards. Anchor joints are used to create the foundation level on which additional levels are stacked. Variable angle to accommodate corner or midpoint connections. Case of 24
3 +$138.00

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DIY Raised Garden Bed: Composite Timber Cs/16
Our composite lumber is rot, pest and moisture proof and is manufactured from a mixture of wood fiber and recycled plastic resin. This is the main structural component of our DIY Raised Garden Beds that will allow the contents of the bed to be contained within a given area. When used in conjunction with the joint components, expansion in both vertical and horizontal directions is possible. Each UV-protected, durable timber has dimensions of 44.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches; when used with connector joints, one board creates a 48 in section for easy measuring. 16 boards per case
3 +$190.00

DIY Raised Garden Bed: Stacking Joints Cs/24
The Stacking Joints, made from durable ABS plastic, connect to either anchor joints or other stacking joints - allowing the beds to be expanded vertically, increasing the depth of the soil. Bracket angles are customizable. Connect to either composite wood or locally obtained 2 x 6 inch wooden boards. Case of 24
3 +$135.00

Add-On Poly Greenhouse Kit for DIY Joints
This clear-poly, PVC greenhouse system is designed to create a more hospitable environment for your plants - effectively extending your growing season out by several additional weeks. Rigid, powder-coated steel frame fits the raised bed kits that have anchor and stacking joints at the corners. Zippered windows assist with human access and ventilation, while the mesh allows air and rain to pass – but not the critters. Easy to install and remove.
3 – 5$63.50
6 +$59.00

DIY Intersection Brackets (3- or 4-Way) Cs/12
These 3- and 4-way brackets improve structural integrity of new and existing Frame-It-All Raised Garden Beds. By squaring each intersection to a 90˚ angle, bowing is minimized due to seasonal fluctuations in soil size. Case of 12
Price: $100.00
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