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Ecotonix Food Scrap Shredder: The Green Cycler

Do you even know how long we have been waiting for something like this? 10 – no – 15 years. Finally it’s here – and it’s human powered! The new Green Cycler by Ecotonix is the latest technology to help bridge the gap between kitchen and garden by helping you recycle your food scraps into smaller, ready-to-compost morsels. By increasing the surface to volume ratio of the particle size, composting speeds are vastly improved – up to 10 times the normal rate. Lever-activated suction cups keep unit anchored while you grind away with the dual-directional handle. Designed for longevity and easy clean up, the stainless steel blade cartridge snaps in and out for a quick rinse. All components are of course dishwasher safe. Micro-ventilation throughout helps mitigate odor-producing bacteria. Handled pullout drawer for quick dumping of shredded scraps. Works with optional 1-gal compostable liners commonly used in most kitchen scrap carriers. If you’re not going to buy this for your microbes, get it for your grubs or worms – they are always hungry! Made with eco-pride in the USA. (PICTURED: PLATINUM COLOR)

The patent-pending Green Cycler helps to merge kitchen waste and the garden by shredding your kitchen scraps into small pieces that compost quickly in your backyard composting system. A dual-directional handle activates the stainless steel blades, which are viewable from above through the clear window. Special ventilation helps to keep odor-causing bacteria from taking over. Bottom suction cups keep unit in place while you grind away. Made in the USA
Price: $138.00
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Economy Pre-Compost Food Shredder
Create mounds of no-sweat, shredded precompost to feed your hungry worm bin or grub colony. Also great for traditional composting or creating supplemental food for your chickens and poultry. Because the particle size is significantly reduced by the Green Cycler, composting proceeds faster, while making the scraps easier to consume by your animal friends. Features include ventilation for odor control, bi-directional handle for shredding in both directions, viewing lid for visual monitoring, dishwater safe components for easy cleaning, and suction cups for holdfast gripping while in operation.
Price: $99.00
BioPod Plus Grub Composter uses Black Soldier Fly
BioPod Plus Auto-Harvesting Grub Composter
The BioPod Plus is a convenient way to recycle your kitchen scraps and restaurant leftovers into valuable feed - an excellent choice for your fish, bullfrogs, chickens and backyard songbird feeders. Utilizing the juvenile grub of the Black Soldier Fly, these devices are the most efficient way of bio-converting your food scraps into living biomass, without the need to separate the grubs from the active pile. Mature grubs auto-separate from the active pile via special crawl off ramps and collect in the handled harvest bucket. Advanced drainage system helps maintain aerobic conditions by separating liquid effluent from pod contents using the Biopod Plus.
3 – 39$165.00
40 +$145.00

Stacking Multi-Level Worm Cafe
Developed with style and durability in mind, this 100% recycled plastic worm bin features 3 working levels that house the feeding redworms and a bottom level for collecting the liquid effluent. Enhanced legs help minimize ant entry, while the hinged lid keeps out flies and rainfall. Designed for indoor or outdoor use. Start transforming your food scraps and shredded cardboard into nutritious worm castings today! Top feeding redworms only. Australia.
3 +$100.00

Compostable Food Scrap Bags - Cs/600 - 2 GAL
2-Gallon Kitchen BioBags are the perfect solution to lining compost buckets. No more bacteria build-up or odor emissions from a contaminated dirty compost pail. These are durable enough to carry heavy food scraps and liquids right to your compost heap without leaking. And of course they are fully compostable – so just throw everything in – bag and all. You can even use these to keep produce fresh. These bags breathe, allowing moisture and heat to evaporate – keeping foods fresher longer. Made from renewable biopolymers. Case of 600
2 +$86.00

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