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FSC Certified Wooden Composter: Canadian Spruce


The wood used to make this wooden compost bin is torrefied – thermo-treated at temperatures around 200-300˚ F in the absence of oxygen.

The chemistry and hygroscopic nature of the wood is altered to reduce to potential for biological degradation – without the need for toxic chemicals.
Life expectancy if 15-20 years mean infrequent replacement

Wood is sourced from FSC-certified Canadian spruce

Middle-hinged lid is light enough to lift and substantial enough to not be carried away by the wind

Renewable materials will be returned to the earth after its effective lifecycle is complete

No bottom design allows for liquids to drain freely and for beneficials such as earthworms to enter


Wooden Compost Bin
Made from torrefied (heat-treated) wood, this attractive wooden compost bin will last for years without being harmed by termites. Comes with a hinged lid for easy access to the active compost pile. Attractive design is 90 gallons in capacity.  (Out of Stock)
2 +$145.00

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Natural Cedar Louvered Wooden Refuse Bin
Natural Cedar Louvered Compost Bin
This wooden compost bin is modeled after the classic square bins from centuries ago and features removable, louvered slats on one side for easy access to the pile. Large capacity provides ample space for stuffing unit with armfuls of debris from the yard and garden. Place several side by side for continuous composting. Easy to assemble. 22.5 cubic foot capacity.
4 +$90.00

Classic Wooded Slat Open Top Compost Bin
Classic Wooden Slat Composter
9 cubic foot capacity, this space-saving design attractively tucks away into a corner of the garden. Open-air design allows for aerobic conditions by ensuring ample oxygen and moisture. Place on a permeable surface so that liquids may drain. Pre-cut wood is ready to assemble without hardware or tools.  Pressure treated wood resists rot and pests.
3 +$70.00

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