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Heavy-Duty Rotational Composter 80 Gal

The Lifetime Rotational Compost Tumbler is an advanced design replete with features not always found in compost bins. The double-walled, 80 gallon, black drum with aerated mixing bar helps create an internal environment that optimizes the rate of decomposition, transforming your kitchen scraps and garden waste into black gold FASTER than many tumblers in the marketplace. Oversized, removable lid and rotational lock pins simplify the loading and unloading process. You quickly feel the quality in this tumbler when you begin turning it along its central, horizontal axis. Not only is the mixing smooth and the steel stand stable during rotation, the cross bar helps break up clumps that may develop with overly moist contents, keeping the contents evenly distributed. The UV stabilized resin, powder coated stand and galvanized steel base ensure long life – even in harsh climates. If you are in the market for a high quality tumbler that will add to your garden pleasure – look no further. Manufactured with the Earth in mind from post-consumer recycled plastic. Assembly required.


Heavy-Duty Rotational Compost Tumbler by Lifetime
Recycle your table scraps and moderate amounts of soft yard debris into nutritious, soil-enhancing compost with the Lifetime Compost Tumbler. This sturdy, HDPE tumbler decomposes wastes faster that stand-alone bins due to a multitude of features including: black color to absorb solar heat, double-walled insulated body to retain warmth from internal decomposition, an aerated central bar for oxygenated mixing, and an easy-to-turn drum that rotates smoothly along its horizontal axis. UV protect plastic and powder coated steel stand are designed to last for years. Hinged lid with latches and rotational locking pin simplify the loading and emptying process. Assembly required.
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Compact 65 Gal Tumbler w/ Rotational Locking Pin
Compact Rotational Locking Tumbler 65 Gal
This high-quality, compact tumbler is ideal for composting kitchen scraps from the average household. Thick-walled structural panels help retain heat, allowing your compost to cook continuously throughout the year. UV stabilized HDPE resin will hold up to full sun locations, while the protected, sturdy base resists inclement weather. Dual-latching, removable lid combined with the rotational locking pin simplify the tasks of filling and unloading. Comes unassembled. Designed to last for years.
Price: $140.00
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