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Plant Insulators: Kozy Koat Water Teepees

Like a mini-igloo for your plants, Kozy Koats are an effective way to insulate against cold weather and harsh winds. A series of vertical, leak-resistant tubes are filled with water and absorb heat from the sun during the day. The water’s thermal mass stores this warmth, releasing it back at night – moderating the climate inside. The Koats also warm the soil below the teepee, allowing you to plant your tender crops weeks earlier than normal for your climate zone. The translucent red color reflects the far-red spectrum of sunlight to enhance plant growth. These garden plant insulators will defend against frost (and snow) down to 10˚F - even if the Kozy Koats freeze solid, your plants are still protected. Works well for early plantings of frost-tender garden vegetables such as tomato, ground cherry, pepper, pole beans, tomatillo, eggplant, squash and melons. Made in Canada by gardeners that are familiar with harsh weather. Priced in bulk for affordability. MIN ORDER 20 - please order in increments of 20 (ex. 20, 40, 60, 80, etc)

FILLING TIP: For added support while filling, place the empty Koat around a bucket or pail so that it stands upright. If you have lots of practice carving Jell-O while intoxicated, you can fill these blind folded.

These Garden Plant Insulators use the natural warming power of the sun to heat up the soil and inside environment – effectively protecting tender plants from cold, frost and nasty winds. Start your frost-sensitive crops weeks earlier than your climate zone allows using Kozy Koats. Works with most frost-sensitive garden vegetables.
20 – 39$5.75
40 – 59$5.50
60 – 79$5.25
80 +$5.00

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Juwel Easy Fix Cold Frame 1000
Designed and manufactured in Europe, these high quality Juwel Easy Fix Cold Frames are made from durable polycarbonate panes and a sturdy aluminum skeleton. Weather-resistant design is shockingly easy to assemble without the need for tools. Dual hinged panels allow for adequate ventilation during warm weather. Extends your growing time earlier and later by several months.
3 +$138.00

Micro Bell Solar Plant Caps - Case of 60
Small micro bell cloches for the garden are made from plastic resin and help to create a small micro climate favorable for sprouting seeds, nurturing baby plants or propagation of cuttings. Reusable bells stack nicely when not in use. Affordable. Case of 60
2 +$50.00

10 Ft Diameter Plant Frost Cover - Set/3
During cold spells, it is no longer necessary to hurt your back moving plants indoors or to a sheltered location. The Planket plant blanket effectively protects your delicate plants from frosts and light freezes. Lightweight, durable cover is made from a breathable material used by industry professionals. Goes on in seconds, these round covers come with a rope that allows for tightening at the base. Color is dark green. 10’ diameter fit plants up to 4’ tall and 4’ wide
Price: $40.00
EZ Walls Solar Plant Protectors
EZ Walls are made up of repeating tubes of water that absorb and store thermal heat from the sun, then at night transferring the warmth to the internal environment where the plant resides. UV resistant plastic provides for durability and reuse. Exceptionally easy to fill and install.
50 – 99$3.20
100 +$3.10

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