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RotoLock No Spill Compost Tumbler

Older tumblers were designed with stands that were not very stable. When you started spinning a filled drum, you ran the risk of having it tip over due to weight and momentum. The new RotoLock Tumbler unit features an extra wide stand that prevents the drum from tipping (with normal use, of course). The base stand is also made from sturdy, 1” tubular steel with galvanized coating for longer life. The drum body is an attractive mocha with complementary taupe twist lids at both ends. Oversized end ports allow for easily filling and emptying. Each end features slotted portal openings that serve as ventilation ports when in the top position and drainage holes when situated at the bottom. The most exciting feature of this tumbler is the handy side lever with 6 different locking positions that keep the drum stationary while open or shut. Central horizontal rod with later prongs keeps compost from clumping while introducing additional oxygen into the hot core. To compost continuously, operate two units side by side. 6.5 cubic feet in capacity.

For municipal customers interested in 60 or more units, please call or email for a freight quote.  Cost per unit at that quantity is $88 each

This innovative compost tumbler features a unique side lever which locks into one of six positions, preventing drum from turning while filling or emptying. Also present are an internal mixing rod with side prongs to help break up compost clumps and dual extra wide lids that lock in place with a simple twist. High impact resin body with galvanized frame designed for long life. 6.5 cubic foot capacity.
3 – 5$106.50
6 +$100.00

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Jora 270 Dual Chamber Hot Compost Drum
Swedish Insulated Rotational Dual Chamber Tumbler - 70 GAL
Developed for composting in the colder climates, this insulated compost tumbler can achieve the high internal temperatures required for fast breakdown of food scraps by thermophilic microbes. Two separate sections, each with varying ages of compost, allow for continuous decomposition. This dual drum design is functionally equivalent to having two bins combined into one unit – without sacrificing space. While one side is completely full and cooking, the other compartment is accepting fresh kitchen waste – up to 34 lbs per week. When the cycle is complete, the process is reversed – providing for an uninterrupted diversion of your biodegradable waste stream.
Price: $419.00
Heavy-Duty Rotational Locking Composter 80 Gallons
Heavy-Duty Rotational Composter 80 Gal
Recycle your table scraps and moderate amounts of soft yard debris into nutritious, soil-enhancing compost with the Lifetime Compost Tumbler. This sturdy, HDPE tumbler decomposes wastes faster that stand-alone bins due to a multitude of features including: black color to absorb solar heat, double-walled insulated body to retain warmth from internal decomposition, an aerated central bar for oxygenated mixing, and an easy-to-turn drum that rotates smoothly along its horizontal axis. UV protect plastic and powder coated steel stand are designed to last for years. Hinged lid with latches and rotational locking pin simplify the loading and emptying process. Assembly required.
2 +$149.00

E-Composter Black Composting Orb
Spherical E-Composter - Charcoal Black  (Out of Stock)
This engineering masterpiece is truly the future of compost tumblers. Designed to tumbler in any direction for more thorough churning, this orb composter rapidly breaks down your kitchen scraps into nutritious compost. The spherical shape and dark color help maintain elevated heat levels in the central core. Aeration tubes throughout double as mixing fins to help break up nasty clumps. Roll the orb to the location of your scraps and roll it back to the base when finished loading. You can even roll it to where you want to dump the finished compost! A wonderful addition to any garden setting. Color - CHARCOAL BLACK
Item Discontinued
Compost Sieve Sifter Round
Sieve Sifter Screens: 2 Metal Garden Riddles
Anyone who does a lot of gardening knows how difficult it is removing debris, clay clumps and rocks from your garden beds – especially when dealing with small seeds. This set of 2 garden sifter sieves makes short work of soil preparation – and even excels at separating out your finished compost from the monster pile growing in your back yard. Steel is powder coated for years of use. Mesh size is ¼ and ½ inch.
Price: $39.50
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