Saving Water


Rain Barrels (All)

If you have access to your rooftop downspout, it is possible to utilize water cisterns to capture the rain water before it runs into a gutter or creek.  Harvested water is free from chemicals and may be used in the vegetable garden.


Rain Barrels (Hard)

This grouping includes all the units that have hardened bodies that cannot be collapsed or folded down for storage.  Most require minimal assembly and many can be connected to additional units for added storage capacity.


Rain Barrels (Soft)

This category includes those collectors that can be disassembled and folded for seasonal storage.  The do required some assembly, but are more resistant to freezing temperatures.  Many can be connected to additional units for added capacity.


Rain Barrel Accessories

This varied collection includes a few handy accessories that will add convenience and value to some of the rain water collection units listed on our site.  Please note that not all accessories work with all of the rain barrels.


Water Savers

This sub-category includes all water saving devices and technologies for home, office and garden use - exclusive of the rain barrels, water butts, storage tanks, water cisterns and related accessories.  

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