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Sieve Sifter Screens: 2 Metal Garden Riddles

SET OF 2 SEPARATE SIFTERS – ¼ and ½ inch mesh.  An essential item for any seed starter or plant enthusiast, these durable garden sieves assist with removing stones, clay clumps and other debris from your soil. Circular design works faster than the rectangular sieves due to the lack of corners. Known as riddles in the old country, these powder coated metal screens quickly break up hardened dirt and will pulverize leaf mulch with minimal effort. Blend finely sifted, top quality soil amendments fast – without having to purchase expensive mixes. These may also be used for seed or tuber collection, allowing you to easily separate bean and peas from their pods as well as baby potato sets easily missed while harvesting. The best tool we have discovered to sift your finished compost. You will be amazed at the difference a sieve will make in seedbed preparation! A must-have for any dedicated gardener. SET OF 2 – ¼ and ½ inch mesh (the smaller mesh is the one in the picture).

BULK PURCHASES: If you are interested in 12 or more of these sieves (in ANY combination), we can offer them at a reduced price of $16 each, plus whatever the shipping is to you.  Please contact us if interested.


Anyone who does a lot of gardening knows how difficult it is removing debris, clay clumps and rocks from your garden beds – especially when dealing with small seeds. This set of 2 garden sifter sieves makes short work of soil preparation – and even excels at separating out your finished compost from the monster pile growing in your back yard. Steel is powder coated for years of use. Mesh size is ¼ and ½ inch.
Price: $39.50
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