BSF Black Soldier Fly Grubs Hermetia Illucens colony larvae pupae

Soldier Grub Starter Colony

These starter kits include approximately 600-1000 live Black Soldier Fly juveniles ('Soldier Grubs') and are recommended for those who wish to begin their units earlier in the season or who live in regions of the country where native populations of adults may not be present.  The grubs in the picture are mature individuals and indicative of what your mature crawl off will resemble. Younger juveniles are cream colored and noticably smaller.   These grubs are NOT sterile and are capable of reproduction.  Size is approx. 8 mm and each batch is a combination of instar-2 and instar-3.

We coordinate the shipping of your grubs so that they arrive after your pod, in order to give you ample time to set up and select a location for the unit.

OUT OF STOCK FOR THE SEASON - our laboratory grown grubs are out of stock for the season; We will have more in late winter / early spring.  We do have Farm Raised Grubs which are bred with wild caught individuals to maximize genetic diversity.  

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Ships via USPS Priority AirFlat S&H fee of $8.95 per colonyPossible to ship to PO BoxesNo international shipmentsState regulations prohibit shipments to Hawaii
Keep your grubs in the original closed container to preserve the correct moisture balance.  These will keep for weeks at room temperatures between 60-70˚F.  For even longer shelf life, keep at 50-60˚F (programmable wine cooler).  DO NOT REFRIGERATE

If container contents should become dehydrated, simply add up to 10 drops of water.  Do not feed while in the original container.  Bedding is a specially enriched, grain-based material and is nontoxic.