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Two Tier Raised Garden Bed (4x4 ft)

Raised garden planters are all the rage these days. No more teeth-shattering tillage of bulletproof dirt, laborious removal of grass or time-consuming remediation of poor soils. With this two-level, stylish garden bed, you can grow a diversity of crops and flowers with minimal setup effort. Snap lock corners and dovetail groove panels snap together quickly with nothing more than a rubber mallet. Raised design keeps the soil aerated, encouraging strong root growth. Because the growing area is elevated and physically separated, it is easier to water, fertilize, weed, cultivate and harvest – when compared to growing plants in ground-level soil. Bed can remain assembled year-round and will withstand harsh weather conditions and UV rays. Both levels combined hold 17 cubic feet of soil – ample room to grow an exciting garden in a manageable 4 x4 footprint. Color – treebark.

Our Two-Tiered Raised Planter Bed is ideal for growing vegetables, strawberries, herbs and flowers. For plants that require deeper soil, the top tier provides 18 inch of soil depth – 9 inch more than the first level. Snap lock corners fasten panels quickly, without the need for tools (other than a rubber mallet). Durable resin never needs painting and will last for years. Holds 17 cubic feet of soil. Color – treebark.
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