Good Ideas Wizard Junior Compost Tumbler 7 CF

Wizard Jr Tumbler - 7 Cubic Feet

One of the more durable units in the marketplace, the stocky Wizard Tumbler Jr. with its 7 CF capacity is designed for compact yards that primarily want to compost food scraps and small amount of paper and garden waste. Using convenient, indented spin handles and a little power from your quad muscles, the drum is able to rotate in place with minimal effort using a downward thrust ‘stair-step’ action (your legs have the strongest muscles in your body). Support wheels found at each corner of the base stand enhance the gliding motion. Convenient, 12” wide twist lid will not fall off while tumbling and easily accommodates a bucket of food scraps. Not easily accessible by children or animals. On-the-ground positioning prevents tipping or toppling of unit. Durable polyethylene withstands the elements and will last for years. Made in the USA

Price: $125.00
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  • Two indented handles for easy turning using your legs or arms
  • Low profile unit is easy to access and will not topple over
  • Generously sized, 12” twist lid for access to contents
  • Body turns on wheeled base (one in each corner) for easy tumbling
  • Small drainage holes found on the rim assist with removal of excessive liquid
  • Aeration holes provide necessary oxygen for aerobic decay
  • Black color absorbs heat from sun, accelerating decomposition
  • Pet, child and wildlife friendly

Size Dimensions

30” long x 22” deep x 23.5” Tall


7 cubic feet


27 lbs


98% post industrial polyethylene resin


1 unit: base, body, lid






Kitchen scraps / food waste

Small amounts of shredded paper and soft yard waste

Key Features

Rotates in place on wheeled base


Made in the USA


1 year

# of Parcels

1 box - 30 lbs

Method of Transit

Ground Service

Product Location


Time before shipping

2-4 days

Time in Transit

1-2 weeks

Dimensional Weight

31 x 23 x 23”

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