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It is our sincere goal to offer you the most comprehensive selection of compost bins, compost tumblers and devices & tools in the marketplace. We offer a myriad of compost systems that vary in size, shape and technology. We have broken it down by category for easier navigation and more enjoyable browsing. We also offer select accessories that will make your composting experience more rewarding and pleasant.

Our Compost Bins and Tumblers are top of the line products with trusted manufacturers and high quality parts and systems. View the wide variety of compost tumblers, bins and much more by selecting a category below.

Soilmaker Soilsaver Compost Bin
Compost Bin
We offer a wide selection of compost bins that vary in price, design, capacity, shape and technology. Each item has detailed information describing features, benefits and product specs and shipping details for each compost bin.
Gear Driven Original PBM Compost Tumbler w/ Crank
Compost Tumblers
A compost tumbler is a self contained composter whose contents are physically separate from the soil ecosystem below. With optimum moisture and temperature, tumblers produce humus about 20-40% faster than standard units.
Worm Bins
Beneficial worms transform your discarded kitchen scraps into valuable castings and tea, a highly nutritious soil amendment. We offer both indoor and outdoor residential units as well as selected commercial systems.
BioPod Plus Grub Composter uses Black Soldier Fly
Grub Composter
This product line includes our patented residential and commercial bioconversion units. These systems utilize the native and beneficial Soldier Grubs to process, digest and recycle kitchen food scraps and animal waste into free feed.
Bokashi Kitchen Composter for Indoor Compost
Indoor Composter
Town home & apartment dwellers without yards can still compost! We've assembled a selection that is suitable for indoor operations, garages and patios - taking into account limited space and odor issues.
Pet Waste Disposal
Pet droppings contribute to urban runoff by contaminating the municipal storm water system with pathogens and excess nutrients.  Our products help you keep common areas clean from crap and our watersheds healthy.
Compost Accessories
To make your life of composting more enjoyable, we have collectively compiled a personally tested selection of hard to find tools. We are confident these accessories will help improve your overall experience in the garden.
Worms & Insects
Many species of animals are considered beneficial because they facilitate processes that assist gardeners with a variety of tasks, including: controlling pests, creation of nutritious soil amendments, recycling of organic waste, and pollination of fruits & veggies.  
Compost Tea Brewers
Our range of brewers can utilize compost, worm castings and proprietary ingredient blends that are homemade or sourced from the marketplace. These can also be used as a soil drench and foliar spray - promote plant growth and beneficial fungi.
BioPod Plus Grub Composter uses Black Soldier Fly
BioPod Plus Auto-Harvesting Grub Composter
The BioPod Plus is a convenient way to recycle your kitchen scraps and restaurant leftovers into valuable feed - an excellent choice for your fish, bullfrogs, chickens and backyard songbird feeders. Utilizing the juvenile grub of the Black Soldier Fly, these devices are the most efficient way of bio-converting your food scraps into living biomass, without the need to separate the grubs from the active pile. Mature grubs auto-separate from the active pile via special crawl off ramps and collect in the handled harvest bucket. Advanced drainage system helps maintain aerobic conditions by separating liquid effluent from pod contents using the Biopod Plus.
3 – 39$165.00
40 +$145.00

Roto-Lock No Spill Suncast Compost Tumbler
RotoLock No Spill Compost Tumbler
This innovative compost tumbler features a unique side lever which locks into one of six positions, preventing drum from turning while filling or emptying. Also present are an internal mixing rod with side prongs to help break up compost clumps and dual extra wide lids that lock in place with a simple twist. High impact resin body with galvanized frame designed for long life. 6.5 cubic foot capacity.
3 – 5$106.50
6 +$100.00

Bokashi Kitchen Composter: 2 Containers  (Out of Stock)
Using the process of fermentation, this kit enlists EM (beneficial microbes) and bokashi bran to breakdown waste inside the air-tight, under-the-counter unit. Accepts all kinds of food scraps including meat, fish and dairy.
Price: $88.50
Full Circle Worm Farm (4-Tray) - COLOR
Expandable worm bin allows for faster processing of food scraps into nutritious worm castings and tea.
Price: $110.00
Compostable Bio-Mutt-Mitts - Case of 1200
Convenient Bio Mutt Mitts allow for easy clean up of pet waste solids. Compostable resin will break down along with the feces in any biologically active composting environment. One, generously sized mitt fits most hands. 1200 bags per case.
Price: $155.00
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