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We are proud to now offer one of the largest and most diverse selections of compost tumblers in North America. We believe that superior composting results can be attained not only by proper care and management of your active pile, but by selecting the unit that best suits your needs, climate, physical abilities and level of interest. Some of the compost tumblers listed below have metal stands, while other have durable poly bases. A select few compost bins are 2-in-1 hybrids - dual systems that feature base stands which double as hollow cisterns for collecting rain water from a roof mounted gutter system.

On average, the drum, roller and barrel style of rotating compost bins that spin on an axis are able to effectively break down waste approx. 20% faster than traditional, stand alone units. 

Portable Back Porch ComposTumbler w/ Wheels
One of the only composters with built-in wheels, this convenient unit is great for moving around the garden as needed. This drum part of this tumbler is completely off the ground, making it very difficult for rodents or pets to enter.
Price: $239.00
Yimby Forest Creek Dual Cavity Tumbler
The Yimby Forest Creek Dual Tumbler is made in Canada via injection molding from weather resistant polypropylene. Sturdy steel frame supports weight and tumbler motion. Includes handgrips, sliding door, drainage, ventilation, and internal paddles for compost churning.
1 – 39$110.00
40 +$85.00

Wizard Junior Tumbler - 7 Cubic Feet
Wizard Jr Tumbler - 7 Cubic Feet
This compact tumbler easily turns in place via four support wheels at each corner of the base stand. Aeration holes at both ends insure ample oxygen reaches the active pile. Recessed handles simplify mixing of contents. Twist lid is 12 inch in diameter, allowing for convenient filling and emptying. Self-contained unit is not accessible to pets, children or wildlife. No assembly required – start using immediately!
Price: $125.00
Urban Compost Tumbler Deluxe - 9.5 Cubic Feet
Urban Compost Tumbler Deluxe (UCT-9)
The durable and easy-to-assemble Urban Compost Tumbler is the next generation in home composting systems. Featuring a twist lid, 100% recycled content, and a patented aeration tube, the UCT will break your food scraps and yard waste fast. Fully enclosed unit keeps out pests while retaining heat and moisture. 9.5 CF capacity
2 +$270.00

Insulated Air Core Compost Tumbler - 50 GALLONS
Insulated Air Core Compost Tumbler - 50 GAL
The Insulated Air Core Compost Tumbler is a solid, 50-gallon drum-style unit that tumbles in place on a sturdy, rust-resistant stand. Features include a rotational lock, insulated panels, UV protection, oversized locking lid, and a central aeration tube that doubles as a mechanical means of breaking up and mixing the compost.
2 +$135.00

Dual Drum Compost Tumbler - 100 Gallons
Dual Drum Compost Tumbler - 100 Gallons
The Dual Compost Tumbler by Lifetime will compost continually with minimal effort. Features include black double walled drums for speedy breakdown, off-the-ground design for pest deterrence, lock pins to hold bins in place while accessing contents, independent rotation for selective tumbling and horizontal aeration tube for de-clumping as well as ventilation. 100-gallon capacity.
Price: $225.00
Compact 65 Gal Tumbler w/ Rotational Locking Pin
Compact Rotational Locking Tumbler 65 Gal
This high-quality, compact tumbler is ideal for composting kitchen scraps from the average household. Thick-walled structural panels help retain heat, allowing your compost to cook continuously throughout the year. UV stabilized HDPE resin will hold up to full sun locations, while the protected, sturdy base resists inclement weather. Dual-latching, removable lid combined with the rotational locking pin simplify the tasks of filling and unloading. Comes unassembled. Designed to last for years.
Price: $140.00
Heavy-Duty Rotational Locking Composter 80 Gallons
Heavy-Duty Rotational Composter 80 Gal
Recycle your table scraps and moderate amounts of soft yard debris into nutritious, soil-enhancing compost with the Lifetime Compost Tumbler. This sturdy, HDPE tumbler decomposes wastes faster that stand-alone bins due to a multitude of features including: black color to absorb solar heat, double-walled insulated body to retain warmth from internal decomposition, an aerated central bar for oxygenated mixing, and an easy-to-turn drum that rotates smoothly along its horizontal axis. UV protect plastic and powder coated steel stand are designed to last for years. Hinged lid with latches and rotational locking pin simplify the loading and emptying process. Assembly required.
2 +$149.00

Classic Envirocycle Tumbler Tea Collecting Base Stand
Envirocycle Classic Tumbler and Tea Collector Base  (Out of Stock)
This classic compost tumbler has a grooved drum that rotates in place.  The hollow base stand supports the weight of a full unit and is able to collect the liquid effluent for use in the garden. 52 gallon drum capacity.
1 – 11$150.00
12 +$130.00

 (Out of Stock)
Soil Pro Composter & Tea Maker Base
Soil Pro Composter & Tea Maker Base
The 7 CF Soil Pro system features glide wheels and handle grips for easier tumbling. Unlike most composters, this tumbler may be placed anywhere in the garden, as well built areas such as patios and rooftops. Black color helps absorb radiant heat from the sun, accelerating break down of composting materials. 12” twist lid keeps out the unwanted and allows for convenient adding and emptying. Recycled polyethylene.
Price: $140.00
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