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These bioconversion systems are designed to mass produce plump, juicy grubs which auto-harvest via crawl off into the collection bucket - eliminating the hassle of manual separation from the active pile.  Feed the calcium-rich and nutritious soldier grubs to your chickens and domesticated poultry, aquatic species and reptiles, as well as your songbirds.   The only input needed is left over kitchen scraps and / or manure!
BioPod Plus Grub Composter uses Black Soldier Fly
BioPod Plus Auto-Harvesting Grub Composter
The BioPod Plus is a convenient way to recycle your kitchen scraps and restaurant leftovers into valuable feed - an excellent choice for your fish, bullfrogs, chickens and backyard songbird feeders. Utilizing the juvenile grub of the Black Soldier Fly, these devices are the most efficient way of bio-converting your food scraps into living biomass, without the need to separate the grubs from the active pile. Mature grubs auto-separate from the active pile via special crawl off ramps and collect in the handled harvest bucket. Advanced drainage system helps maintain aerobic conditions by separating liquid effluent from pod contents using the Biopod Plus.
3 – 39$165.00
40 +$145.00

4ft Homestead ProtaPod™ Grub Composter
Prosumer / Homestead Grub Composter. 4 Ft in Diameter
3 – 5$280.00
6 – 9$270.00
10 +$250.00

Wild Genetics Soldier Grub Starter Colony
Each starter kit includes approximately 500+ juvenile Black Soldier Fly grubs of mixed ages for your bioconversion units.
Price: $25.00
Soldier Grub Starter Colony
Each starter kit includes approximately 600-1000 small juvenile Black Soldier Fly grubs for your bioconversion units.
2 +$35.00

Matala Filter Drainage Pad for ProtaPod
The Matala blue filter media is the ideal solution for ProtaPod drainage. This high-density filter pad will enhance the drainage system by holding back the large particulates that can clog the three drainage ports, causing the liquids to pool inside the unit. Continual drainage of the liquid tea is essential to proper operations of an active pod. If liquids are prevented from emptying out of the unit, stagnation and anaerobic conditions may result, leading to foul odors. Structurally sound material will support the weight of an active colony, and will not decompose from constant use. Made to last for years.
2 +$70.00

Economy Pre-Compost Food Shredder
Create mounds of no-sweat, shredded precompost to feed your hungry worm bin or grub colony. Also great for traditional composting or creating supplemental food for your chickens and poultry. Because the particle size is significantly reduced by the Green Cycler, composting proceeds faster, while making the scraps easier to consume by your animal friends. Features include ventilation for odor control, bi-directional handle for shredding in both directions, viewing lid for visual monitoring, dishwater safe components for easy cleaning, and suction cups for holdfast gripping while in operation.
Price: $99.00
Hands Free Cordless Food Scraps Pail
Our automated, cordless, motion-sensing compost pail is a convenient way of recycling your kitchen scraps while maintaining proper hygiene and food preparation etiquette. Compact size and attractive design allow compatibility with most kitchen environments. 1.5 gallon capacity unit features a removal inner bucket for quick emptying of waste. Stainless steel
2 +$50.00

Bulk Roll of Pressed Coconut Fiber Coir Mat
To assist with aeration and constant drainage of your active black soldier fly colony, use renewable coir mesh pads as the dividing material between the liquid catchment area and composting section. Each roll will make 22, 36” diameter pads. Use several for best results. Biodegradable fibers can be added to compost pile or vermiculture system and the end of the season – producing no waste.
Price: $160.00
BioPod™ Classic Food Composter  (Out of Stock)
Plastic BioPod™ Compost Bin with Drainage kit.
Price Unavailable
Advanced Drainage System for ProtaPod  (Out of Stock)
This creative drainage apparatus allows for more efficient collection of liquid tea from the three filter portals. Self-contained system prevents liquids from being exposed to air, while minimizing odor. Managing individual collection jars is no longer required. Liquid harvesting is accomplished via a single, hand-operated spigot that extends outward for more convenient collection. Made from heavy duty, pre-cut PVC resin.
Price Unavailable
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