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Dome Chicken Coop Hen House

Made from BPA-free, durable polyethylene resin, the affordable Dome Chicken Coop is a one-of-kind design. Developed for longevity and ease-of-use, this unit can comfortably accommodate up to 4 chickens inside, without crowding. Hinged lid and removable insert tray with molded-in nest area and roosting bars, allow for fast cleaning with a simple garden hose. Tough rubber latches, thick plastic walls and locking swivel door provide the necessary security to keep your flock safe from predators, harsh weather and the curious. The stable base features a pair of wheels so the coop can be moved from place to place around the yard. Set up in 10 minutes or less. 7 colors available!  Main picture is the GREY color

The weather-resistant Dome Chicken Coop is an affordable alternative to housing up to 4 chickens. The all-plastic design has been engineered to last – with minimal maintenance. The removable tray insert with molded-in roosting bars and nesting box is easy to access and clean, while the wheeled bases allows for convenient relocation. Ventilation openings throughout provide fresh air to your flock. Rubber latches and swivel door help deter predators and curious pets. 7 colors available.
Price: $165.00
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