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This is an exciting compilation of hard-to-find and innovative gardening products that are designed for indoor settings and include everything from artificial lighting to automated irrigation systems.  Grow plants year round - and cleanse your indoor air in the process!  Transform your brown thumb to green without the need for a Ph.D.
Oasis Self-Watering Cube: Gravity Fed Plant Sitter
This amazing product is absolutely ideal for the busy plant lover that wants a beautiful indoor garden, but may be too busy or out of town to water regularly. The Oasis Vacation Watering Cube will manage the moisture requirements of up to 20 plants. The system has 4 independent, dial-up programs that can water for 10, 20, 30 or even 40 days. LED panel displays current settings. Water reservoir tank is isolated to prevent condensation on the unit. Non-stick rubber feet prevent sliding and surface scratches.
2 +$85.00

AquaBundance Aquaponic Gardening System
The AquaBundance is an integrated, two-tiered aquaponics system that is easy to setup and fun to operate. It has exceptional curb appeal and is compact enough to fit on a small patio or in the corner of a room. One of the first gardening innovations designed to grow both plants and fish, the AquaBundance planter bed offers 7.5 cubic feet of growing space and can hold approx. 150 liters of reusable, soil-less media, such as Hydroton (not included). The bottom tank section has a 60-gallon capacity, enough room for up to a dozen, fully-grown fish, tilapia-sized. Lush plant growth is achieved using organic nutrients supplied by the fish as waste and converted to usable fertilizer by beneficial microbes. The water is continually filtered and purified by plant roots and beneficial microbes as it flows through the various sections. Ugly plumbing fixtures do not dominate this system; esthetics, durability and functionality were all critical during the design phase.
Price: $1,295.00
IDRIS Indoor Calibrated Plant Watering System
The advanced, European designed IDRIS is a calibrated plant watering system developed to accommodate virtually all kinds of houseplants. No need to worry about under or over watering with the durable, non-clogging IDRIS. Simply select a dripper and fill the 2-liter reservoir with water using the top funnel. No hassles, no mess. The transparent tank with graduated volume scale disappears amongst your foliage. Ready to use right out of the box. SET OF 4
4 – 7$24.00
8 +$21.50

Self-Watering UrBin Grow Planter - 2 Kits
Grow fresh herbs, greens and veggies on your patio or balcony – without spending time cultivating hard-as-concrete soil or constantly pulling weeds. The UrBin Grow Planter is a self-watering system that provides convenience in a small footprint. Comes with all the soil amendments and trace minerals needed to set up two complete planters – all you need to do is obtain local topsoil and some compost, blend everything together, and start raising your delicious crops. Easy-to-access water reservoir prevents over and under watering, helping to maintain healthier plants. Set of 2 kits. DVD and instructions included.
2 +$75.00

Ceramic Plant Watering Cones - Case of 30
These smart ceramic cones are the perfect solution for automating the watering of your potted plants while away. Drippers utilize the power of nature via capillary forces to take water out of a bowl or bucket and transport it to your thirsty plants continuously – without having to worry about desiccation or flooding. Priced in bulk for affordability. Case of 30
2 +$75.00

Ceramic Cone Water Bottle Caps - 24 pc
These ingenious ceramic dripper caps screw onto used plastic soda bottles for reuse as water irrigators in your potted plants or garden beds. Move around your new portable reservoirs as garden requirements change from season to season – much more flexible than permanent irrigation systems. Automatically dispenses the correct amount of water to the roots. Fits a wide variety of plastic bottles with openings 1.25” and 1.5” wide. Case of 24
2 +$42.00

Enokitake Mushroom Patch (Flammulina populicola)
Grow tasty, nutritious mushrooms during the dead of winter in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Growing range is 40-75˚F; placement in the fridge activates kit. The Enokitake Mushroom Patch is made from Alder sawdust and woodchips, and is Certified Organic. May be eaten cooked or raw.
3 +$22.00

Espresso Oyster Indoor Grow Kit (Pleurotus ostreatus)
Pearl Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus), an edible fungus native to North America, is easy to cultivate without having to chop down a portion of your backyard forest. Simply save a few weeks worth of spent coffee grounds in your freezer or ask a local coffee shop if you could have the leftovers from their daily brew. The kit you receive from us contains a sterile bedding infused with live mycelia; this is mixed with the coffee grounds and in as little as 2-3 weeks you will begin seeing fruit bodies appear in the substrate. Temperature range is 55-75˚F.
2 +$23.00

Organic Pioppino Indoor Mushroom Patch
The Pioppino or Black Poplar Mushroom (Agrocybe aegerita) is a prolific grower with a delicious flavor and many culinary uses. Kit can form impressive clusters in a controlled indoor setting. Once the spawn is finished fruiting indoors, it may be used to impregnate tree stumps for sustained cultivation. Enjoys humid conditions. Cap heads will range from 2-4 inches in diameter and can vary in color tone, ranging from brown to tan. Creamy stems have a texture similar to asparagus.
2 +$28.00

Eserro 365 In-Out Elevated Planter
This enduring raised planter by Eserro combines elegance with durability. An oversized planting area is situated 36 inches off the ground, allowing for more convenient access. Constructed to last for years, the rotomolded, double-walled, UV-protected, polyethylene body hold up to bangs and cuts, while the nickel plated steel legs resist corrosion. Built in water ports provide adequate drainage. Simple assembly. Available in 3 colors.
3 +$210.00

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